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“I have a vision. It is a scene, a world where we are freed from the labels we live by, the boxes we have been categorized in. It is a place where we can simply show up as our unique selves and unite together above that diversity.

We accept and are accepted in our own expression. My vehicle towards that place is the art of dancing, the language of the body.”

You can change your life in a dance class

Royston Maldoom


As far as my memories go, I have been dancing. After discovering this talent and passion at a young age, it quickly became the driving force in my life. Intense training and an adapted curriculum enabled me to focus on that what gave me a true goal, meaning and joy. Dance and performance opened up a world in which I could be and express myself, something I want to create for and with others as well. When people consciously sense themselves and express that through movement, words are no longer necessary. We live in a rational world, which sometimes makes us forget that we also live in a body that offers various dimensions of expression and healing. One cannot live without the other, and it is my passion to shed a light on the side that is often overlooked. 


As a choreographer, dance teacher and coach, I bring a rich education and experience to my clients. Since leaving the Royal Ballet Academy in Antwerp at age 17, I embarked on a long career as a solo dancer in various dance companies throughout Europe. These years gave me the opportunity to learn from and perform with critically acclaimed choreographers and pedagogues. After becoming a choreographer and teacher myself, I have continued to focus on the value of inclusion in dance by following courses with a.o. Candoco Dance Company in London, Community Dance with Royston Maldoom, the Humphrey Limon technique. These learnings allow me to work around diversity and acceptance through dance. I connect and work with students from multiple backgrounds: from dance academies to companies, from children to elderly seniors, from integrated groups to minorities. Together, we strive for acceptance, self-expression, confidence in creation and recognition.

Burgen-Gala 112


I work as a choreographer, as a coach for (aspiring) dancers and as a teacher. I am open to creating with all types of clients: from private individuals to schools, companies, elderly homes, minorities...

Together, we build on 2 pillars: ‘creation’ and ‘participation’. We start from a theme or topic and its interpretation by each person involved in the creation. Through open communication and discussions, the essence of that theme becomes more clear and we use it to create a richer performance. This process goes on and on, you could describe it as “circular inspiration”. It can be a challenge to let people open up, but I am someone who looks at the possibilities and adapts flexibly to new ways of working that speak to everyone and let everyone speak. Whomever you are (not), on the dancefloor we are all the same.   




Senior Citizen Exercise Class


Multi-ethnic Group of Friends


Public Speaker


Stage Curtains


Dancer Pose



Special times - special approaches - this is the result of the
Art-T class "Initiation au movement dansé 2019/2020"
Thanks to my students for their commitment during this difficult times

And so what

A Dance Project with Young People and the hr-Bigband

Together with professional dancers and the choreographer Guido Markowitz young people aged 14 to 20 develop a piece about relationships and their complications. Love, friendship, jealousy, arguments and reconciliation. Here the hr-Bigband with its jazz orchestral treatment of Puccini’s "Tosca" and the highly acclaimed jazz-funk project "Visions of Miles" meets for the first time with a dance project with young people.

Choreography: Guido Markowitz
Music: hr-Bigband
Trumpet: Thomas Vogel, Martin Auer, Frank Wellert, Axel Schlosser
Trombone: Manfred Honetschläger, Christian Jaksjø , Günter Bollmann, Peter Feil
Saxophone: Rainer Heute, Julian Argüelles, Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn, Oliver Leicht, Tony Lakatos
Piano: Peter Reiter
Percussion: Jean Paul Höchstädter
Bass: Thomas Heidepriem
Guitar: Martin Scales
Band Leader: Ed Partyka
Choreographic Assistance: Sabine Lindlar 
Dance/Co-Choreograph: Hannah Dewor, Jérôme Gosset, Christina Heil, Daniela Rodriguez Romero, Karin Trodler
Video, Stage: Martin Rottenkolber
Costumes: Mechthild Seidemann
Production Management: Marion Rossi

A project by Tanzlabor_21/a project by Tanzplan Deutschland in collaboration with the hr-Bigband.

Camille Claudel.Bildhauerin

Choreographer: Jutta Ebnother,

Theater Nordhausen

April 2009

Jérôme Gosset as Rodin

Riders on the storm

Dance theater  about migration, refugees, arrival and leaving

Choreography and concept:   Konstantin Tsakalidis
Music: Patrick Manzecchi


Dance theater by Konstantin Tsakalidis
Production July 2010
Kulturzentrum am Münster Konstanz

A very special project - VOLDAWAZO 

A vol d'oiseau

Projet avec CEC Terre-Franche et le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Premiere CC ECRIN Eghezee Septembre 2021

Chorégraphe : Jérôme Gosset

Mise en scène : Amandine Letawe

Durant la crise du Covid, nous avons ressenti le besoin d'utiliser l'art comme un lien entre deux publics particulièrement isolés en région rurale: les adolescents et les aînés d'une maison de repos.


Nous nous sommes découverts, avons exploré différentes formes d'expression et créé un spectacle. Ainsi est né « À vol d'oiseau », symbole de la ligne droite la plus directe pour développer nos liens. Le succès de notre année passée ensemble, du spectacle, et l'enthousiasme des intervenants et des spectateurs malgré la morosité de cette période, nous ont donné l'envie de poursuivre l'aventure en créant une compagnie.

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Upcoming Events

  • Atelier de danse contemporaine
    Atelier de danse contemporaine
    Sat, 07 Nov
    Cs Orneau
    07 Nov 2020, 10:00 – 18:00
    Cs Orneau, Chaussée de Namur 28, Gembloux, Belgium
    07 Nov 2020, 10:00 – 18:00
    Cs Orneau, Chaussée de Namur 28, Gembloux, Belgium
    Dance Inclusive Danse pour tous Diversité BodyLanguage
  • Expression, danse créative
    Expression, danse créative
    Thu, 24 Sept
    Terre Franche
    24 Sept 2020, 19:45 – 02 Jul 2021, 21:45
    Terre Franche, Rue de la Terre Franche, 5310 Éghezée, Belgium
    24 Sept 2020, 19:45 – 02 Jul 2021, 21:45
    Terre Franche, Rue de la Terre Franche, 5310 Éghezée, Belgium
    Un espace où le corps se renconnecte, se ré-apprivoise différemment par le mouvement. Un moment pour soi, hors du temps, à son rythme où l’on cherche ensemble mais aussi individuellement à inventer de quelle manière créer en dansant. L’atelier a lieu tous les jeudis de 19h45 à 21h45.
  • Éveil danse créative
    Éveil danse créative
    Thu, 24 Sept
    24 Sept 2020, 16:30 – 02 Jul 2021, 17:30
    Eghezee, 5310 Eghezee, Belgium
    24 Sept 2020, 16:30 – 02 Jul 2021, 17:30
    Eghezee, 5310 Eghezee, Belgium
    Dans cet atelier, l’enfant découvre son corps en mouvement et son évolution dans l’espace. Grâce aux jeux et aux exercices ludiques, à la musique et aux rythmes proposés par l’animateur il deviendra créateur de sa propre chorégraphie et repartira le corps en joie.
    Tue, 22 Sept
    22 Sept 2020, 18:00 – 29 Jun 2021, 22:00
    Matonge, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
    22 Sept 2020, 18:00 – 29 Jun 2021, 22:00
    Matonge, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
    Véritable fer de lance d’Art-T, cette formation de 21 mois est un formidable laboratoire artistique, au carrefour des arts scéniques, où pédagogie et recherche appliquée se rencontrent pour offrir à chaque participant un travail de découverte et d’exploration de sa propre créativité.....



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